National Winners

Steppin’ Out Dance Studio’s competitive team recently had an outstanding performance while competing in Arlington, Texas at Encore National Dance Finals. The Starz competitive dance team consists of 32 members. Their ages range from 7-19 years old. The nine year studio owner, Carrie Ann Blakey, and two choreographers/teachers, Hayley Dossett-Dennison and Krislyn Gottman, traveled to Arlington, bringing home a variety of awards, trophies, and national titles.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 21.33.18After an outstanding regional run during the past year’s competition season, the dance studio was invited to compete at nationals, taking 27 solos and group dances in total.  National champion dances from the studio included Contemporary Small Group, Landfill; Hip Hop Large Group, Asylum; and Contemporary Duet/Trio, Medicine.

Steppin’ Out’s Hayley Dossett-Dennison was awarded the Choreography Award for her work creating the dance routines Asylum and Landfill. The studio also received the Technique Award, which represents the team’s outstanding technical skills.

The Duet/Trio, Medicine, was recognized for receiving the highest score of the entire week of solos, duets, or trios. Then, a special invitation was given to the Senior Division Small Group, Landfill, and Junior Division Small Group, Colors, to perform at the week-end finale show. The two dances were chosen as top performances in their age & divisional levels.  Once again, Steppin’ Out was called to the stage to accept the Division Grand Slam Cash Award and Trophy for the contemporary dance Landfill.

Members of Steppin’ Out Dance Studio Starz Competitive Dance Team for the 2015-2016 season are:

Senior Division

McKenna Nolin, Bailey Clawson, Tiffany Long, Nicole Traxler, Brooke Matchen, Jordan Nolin, Ryleigh Clem, AJ Fleming, Madison Blakey, and Lenora Garvie.

Teen Division

Emily Blakey, Claire Hardin, Morgan Matchen, Alyssa Wilson, Whisper McDoulett, Maddy Stone, Karima Merzouk, Allie Surber, and Emily Nolin.

Junior Division

Olivia Markum, Kelsey Matlock, Alyssa French, Adison Smith, Audrey Hardin, Savannah Harris, Carlee Windle, Camryn Schroeder, Caisyn Schroeder, Brianna Howard, Belinda Garvie, Mystery McDoulett, Caitlin Fogarty, Rayleigh Fisher, and Kate Dickson.

The 2016-2017 STARZ Dance Season is just around the corner and the team is ready to continue the hard work to represent Steppin’ Out again next summer. Check out the summer dance schedule and team tryouts at or Steppin’ Out Dance Studio on Facebook.



dance 1

Grand Slam Winner & National Champion-Landfill

Steppin’ Out Dance Studio’s Ms. Carrie Ann Blakey, Emily Blakey, Madison Blakey, Nicole Traxler, Tiffany Long, Bailey Clawson, Claire Hardin, Allie Surber, and Ms. Hayley Dossett-Dennison after being named Grand Slam Winner and National Champion at Encore Dance Competition in Arlington, Texas.

dance 2

Grand Slam Invitation-Colors

Steppin’ Out Starz juniors Rayleigh Fisher, Adison Smith, Olivia Markum, Brianna Howard, Alyssa French, Kate Dickson, and Audrey Hardin show off a few of their awards.

dance 3

National Champion Duet-Medicine

Bailey Clawson (left) and Claire Hardin (right), joined by their choreog­rapher, Hayley Dossett-Dennison, after winning the national championship with their duet.

dance 4

National Champion Large Group-Hip Hop-Asylum

Steppin’ Out’s Hip Hop Large Group, Asylum, was named national champions at Encore Dance Competition. Team dancers include (front, from left) Claire Hardin, Bailey Clawson, Brooke Matchen, Emily Blakey, Alyssa Wilson, (back) Morgan Matchen, Karima Merzouk, Jordan Nolin, Mckenna Nolin, Madison Blakey, Lenora Garvie, and Whisper McDoulett.

w (889 of 1992)


Steppin’ Out’s Starz juniors in Lip Gloss are (front, from left) Caitlyn Fogarty, Caisyn Schroeder, Savannah Harris, Adison Smith, Belinda Garvie, (back) Carlee Windle, Kelsey Matlock, Rayleigh Fisher, Mystery McDoulett, Brianna Howard, Alyssa French, Audrey Hardin, Camryn Schroeder, Kate Dickson, and Olivia Markum.

w (1005 of 1992)

Country Tap

Competitive tappers at Steppin’ Out include (front, from left) Alyssa French, Emily Nolin, Maddy Stone, Ryleigh Clem, Lenora Garvie, Brianna Howard, and (back) AJ Fleming.

w (1505 of 1992)

Poison and Wine

Competitive dancers in the contemporary dance Poison and Wine are (from left) Maddy Stone, Emily Blakey, Whisper McDoulett, AJ Fleming, Ryleigh Clem, Alyssa Wilson, and Karima Merzouk.

w (1152 of 1992)


The dancers in the lyrical dance, Angel, are Jordan Nolin, Madison Blakey, Brianna Howard, Alyssa French, Tiffany Long, Nicole Traxler, Bailey Clawson, Lenora Garvie, Mystery McDoulett, Allie Surber, McKenna Nolin, Ryleigh Clem, Kelsey Matlock, Olivia Markum, Morgan Matchen, Emily Blakey, Emily Nolin, Maddy Stone, and Alyssa Wilson.


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