2020-2021 Full Season Recreational Classes

Our full season classes run from August through May, with a Christmas recital in December and a spring recital in May. The base price for most classes is $50, and then fees are applied that will cover the cost of recital, costumes, pictures, videos, recital shirt, and registration fees. Those fees will be paid out each month through the year. If your child begins dance in August, expect to pay a total of $79 per class to cover tuition and fees. Tumbling is less, generally $47 total but can change if the student is taking additional classes or will not be participating in recital. If your child begins in a later month, the fees will increase since the total fee cost is the same but will be divided by fewer months. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Thank you!

2020-2021 Camp Sessions

Our short camp sessions are perfect for busy families who still want their young children to experience the joy of dance! No long-term commitments and students will be introduced to a variety of dance styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more. All classes will include tumbling, dancing, and crafts.

2020-2021 Homeschool classes

Our homeschool classes are set during the day and help your child stay fit in a fun setting with friends! Family discounts are available.

2020-2021 Team classes

Team classes are specifically for competitive team dancers at Steppin’ Out. Auditions are required to be on team and students are placed in team classes at the studio’s discretion. If you are interested in team for your child, speak to their dance teacher for more information.